Based in beautiful Los Angeles CA – Designer Karol “BFLY” Pabon is a multitasker, a creative force who started creating with her hands at a very early age. Karol has always been creative, doing everything from photography, websites, graphic arts, painting, drawing, and poetry. When she’s not working on her numerous other projects, she crafts, making whatever her heart desires. Karol began to make clothes at a very early age, as her mother and step father were both tailors.

She always had a keen sense of style and is consistently inspired by almost anything whether it’s a song, show, art, or everyday life. Karol is also inspired by ancient civilizations and tribes. Always on a spiritual path, her work is fittingly seen as powerful energetic pieces with her use of wood, crystals, horns, and charms she has collected throughout the years. All items made by Karol have taken on a life of their own.

A humble teacher and student of life, has encouraged her friends to tap into their hidden talents and pursue their passions. Hosting crafting sessions and private shopping sessions in her LOS ANGELES studio gives both the artists and the clients a chance to connect with Karol’s artistry and energy.
Karol is very proud to showcase her collections here and make all her pieces available to the public.


Karol specializes in one of a kind pieces, and custom, wearable art. 

Please feel free to email us for inquiries on private shopping appointments and events! Bring your friends!!